"A Pistol For Odango" is a freeware Sailor Moon western-themed fan-made video game. Your goal in the game is to shoot Sailor Moon DVDs and audio CDs, forming chains and combos from them, that allows you to get additional points. The faster and more accurate you shoot, the better score you get. Check "scoring" page for more details on the scoring system.

Please notice that score publishing feauture is no longer supported.

If you want to discuss the game with other Sailor Moon fans or just want to talk about anything Sailor Moon-related, you are welcome to join Sailor Moon Forum


Version 1.1 (Winchester 1873 lever action rifle added) was released on February 14 2009

Download the game (8.80 MB) a_pistol_for_odango_11.zip

The game is free for further non-commercial distribution.