If you want to get maximum score you'll have to look at the disks on shelves and shoot them in a certain pattern. In order to form chain or combo, you must shoot several DVDs or CDs from the same Sailor Moon continuity (that can be anime, live-action, or musicals) in quick succession. Chain or combo can have up to 6 disks, and the longer it is the more points you get.

Shooting CD/DVD - 1 point
Shooting disk - 100 points

X2 Combo - 10 points
X3 Combo - 50 points
X4 Combo - 150 points
X5 Combo - 300 points
X6 Combo - 500 points

X2 Chain - 10 points
X3 Chain - 25 points
X4 Chain - 100 points
X5 Chain - 200 points
X6 Chain - 300 points

You will get chain if you shoot disks faster than 3/5 of a second, and combo - faster than 2/5 of a second. Cobmos override chains, and if you drop a combo, you still can continue chain. Shooting wrong CD/DVD (e.g., shooting anime DVD after live-action DVD), or shooting next disk slower than 3/5 of a second will reset your chain/combo to zero.

If you shoot any two out of the three Sailor Moon movies DVDs, or movies music collection CDs, or "Moonlight Real Girl" CDs, within chain or combo time, you'll get additional bonus of 300 points.

Accuracy and time spent are also calculated and affect your final score.